ImageFirst of all, I am not a vegan but I’m not a meatatarian either. Although I am a sucker for outdoor patios on sunny spring days.  Especially a patio located along the Trinity Trail where I can people watch the cyclists, joggers, water birds, and array of Fort Worthians.  Whether I’m sipping ice water or one of the many beers and wines on tap, the Woodshed is my go-to spot on a sunny afternoon.

Tim Love’s menu at his latest haunt raises the bar for Fort Worth. Not only has he managed to smoke everything on the menu, this is actually a place where the smoke enhances the flavor of the foods rather than smoke the flavor out. The perfect example is the smoked meringue on the chocolate pie.  Another is the artichoke quarters with parmesan, though I thought they’d be better as a salad topper than by themselves. In this neck o the woods where you can’t throw a long neck without hitting a BBQ joint I was delighted to find many vegetarian items on the menu: 3 kale salad, smoked cauliflower, the artichoke appetizer, and house made kimchi (served on the side or with the bulgogi beef tacos). My favorite meat dish is the brisket stuffed piquillo peppers.

For a festive treat try the ‘DINING WITH FRIENDS’ menu. Bring 4-6 of your favorite people and order the Smoked Beef Shin, which comes served on a chopping block the size of a small dining table, or try the paella that includes a rabbit-rattlesnake sausage. After you’ve had your fill of the kale, and the grilled broccolini, the fennel, the pears, and the beets, order up the 60oz porterhouse Bistecca alla Fiorentina and let your body float away on a smoke infused food coma to match no other.

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