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Month: January, 2013

Carbuncled Knuckles in the Hot Sun

Sun hot lava rocks cook your tough skin                                 How does it feel?

Lying there in your jaundice fat suit. Carbuncled knuckles knots on your head. Lips curved in a cheshire cat grin.

Sand rubs your belly as you hug the ground like a rock climber in horizontal ascent.

First left arm then right leg. Now right arm left leg. Zig zag as you scurry. Into gross hiding.

Sun hot lava rocks.

Cook your tough skin.

As you wait.

For the something of nothing.

More Galapaghosts

Lounging marine iguanas

Lounging marine iguanas


Black lava rocks

Regal like marine iguanas in service to the sun

And to Sally Lightfoot

Walks across my back like turtles marching

To the sea

Waves crash your shores as I would a hundred times a day if I had my way

Vertebrae die on your belly, dry there

Turtles nest, little birds too

Lounging marine iguanas

Leaving bones and scars of bones skins on scabs

Crisp in the sun

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