Mantras For Our Kids

by jane arie baldwin

I found this list, ‘Seven Things We Must Tell Our Daughters’, on the website I referenced below.  I have added the word ‘Love’ where the original author used the word ‘God’ because when I see the words, “in the image of God”, I can’t help but think of an old man in white robes.  Instead, I replace the word “God” with “Love” and my body automatically relaxes and I exhale because I remember that Love is really all there is.  That is what I hope my daughter ultimately learns from me.

Even though this list is written for daughters the same ideas hold true for our sons.

Seven Things We Must Tell Our Daughters: 

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  1. You are Valuable:: She needs to know she is important and so valued that you will protect her with rules and boundaries because you love her. There is safety and comfort within those restrictions, even when she pushes against them.
  2. Your Worth Isn’t Based on Your Appearance:: She needs to be told she is beautiful–not because she’s wearing a sassy outfit or new lipgloss–her worth is not found in her appearance, the opinions of others or herself. She is beautiful because she was created in the image of God (image of Love).
  3. You Don’t Need a Guy:: She needs to hear starting at a young age (but it’s never too late to start telling her). She needs to be told a boy doesn’t complete her, God does. That’s right, Love completes her  – this is a great opportunity to make the distinction between romantic love and the power of Love.
  4. You Are Amazing:: Our daughters need to hear we are proud of them. She is enough. Tell her out of all the girls in the world, you’d always choose her. Create an atmosphere where she is loved, just like she is.
  5. You Don’t Have to Believe What You Hear:: She needs to hear your affirming voice in her head. Because there will be mean girls in her life, peers with pressure and adults in her world who will let her down and have low expectations of her. She needs to hear the opposite at home, your voice will be the voice of Love.
  6. You Have Me:: No matter what happens in life, the ups and downs that will come her way, the losses and gains, our daughters must know we are there for them. She needs to know she can talk to you about anything. Anytime. That is how she will learn the power of Love.
  7. You Can Change the World:: She needs to know she can dream big and can accomplish whatever she wishes. She can do so with God by her side (with Love by her side) and she doesn’t need a boy or society to make it happen. She can be anything she wants to be with your help. Stand by her, with her and watch her fly.