The number 8 courtesy of
The number 8 courtesy of

The number eight is the shape of infinity.  Like a Hot Wheels race track it flows in a pattern that can be mesmerizing.  Eight is also the number that brings balance.

Eight hours of sleep and we are rested.

Eight hours of work see projects completed.

Eight hours of play and laughter kicks in, breath softens, joy reverberates and the rest of the day naturally balances out.

Eight hours seems to me a long time to play.  Then I find joy in weeding the garden, picking leaves for a late spring salad, watching the squirrels taunt the dogs, only to get chased away by a protective mother blue jay.

Eight beatitudes.

Eight friends that have made your heart sing.

Eight hugs from the baby you’ve rocked since birth.

Eight kisses from your lover, the same one you’ve had for eight times eight times eight years.

Eight hours of sleep.

Then wake up and do it all over again.

The number 8 image courtesy of

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