For all ye headstrong died-in-the-woolers… 
ye twisters of the truth… 
ye churchy-going segregators… 
ye flockers-together-of-a-feather… 
ye snubbers of those ye think to be 
ye look-down-the-nosers 
at the least of these 
my brethren and sisteren… 
ye full immersioners and 
lightly-sprinkled-oners and 
other stagnaters and polluters 
of the holy waters of 
the heavenly
the humanly 
and the earthly… 
ye doubters and disrespecters and 
dis-provers of the very words ye spew… 
ye deniers 
and disguisers 
and camouflagers 
and hiders-from-view of 
simple but all-embracing 
compassion… compassion that 
knows no exception… 
yes… ye… you… y’all… 
I love you too 
I do 
I do indeed… 

…but I must ask ye… 

did the dog 
eat your homework…



2 thoughts on “For All Ye — Butch Hancock

  1. love it! guess you know how much we are enjoying the rain. joyous! makes the fun and funny stuff that much more fun and funniest!

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