Creosote is a poisonous plant 
That emits an intoxicating aroma
When dampened by the morning dew
Inhale the smell of Enchantment
Doves coo on the ground and in trees
Hummingbirds impatiently whirl
Reminding me I forgot to add seed
To the feeder before I left home
And that hummingbirds don’t 
Come around my house in the city
Even though Ruby swears they do
Birds can do that to a person
Water too can remind one to
Step outside the daily grind
The static myopia that binds
Seeing once again the beauty
The bright colored sages of summer into fall
Sunflowers opened to the morning light
Winged ones taking flight
All of this is in the scent of the creosote
—-  Mesilla,NM  2013

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