Winter Sun Kisses
Winter Sun Kisses


We live for days like today



Hot chocolate and popcorn

Warm fire hearth days


Weather Days

Rain Days

Snow Days

When the wind blows the last leaves

Of cool autumn gold


Ice snaps off weak branches

Cold cracks through

Cracks cracking

Brittle bones


Hot stones



On days like today

Bough breaks baby’s backs that can’t stand

The heat of the chilly chilly sleet snow

Flurries resisting warm sun kisses

Telling me that long sun days are a long gone

6 thoughts on “winter poem: Icy Sunday

  1. Dear Jane,

    Not two minutes ago I thought of you and wondered if I would get to see you before I move in March! Then your blog, poem and image cross my screen.  Hans and I are moving to Ashland, OR for adventure, love and soul’s longing for a new view!  I am being called to move to break this spell and see myself against a different landscape and sky. I think of your tender heart so often and feel your love. Even if I don’t see you to hug you and smile, know I do so every time you cross my mind. Give my very best to Jimmy and Ruby and the JJ. If you come to D and have a few minutes or hours, let me know. I trust all is in the flow of life….. Lovingly, Madeline

      Madeline Udashen, RYT 214.674.6211

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