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The Magic of Openings

pink blog flower

Openings can appear in the most unlikely places.

They might be a window into the depths of a garden flower,

or the entryway into an ocean of opportunity.

Collard Greens Make the Best Tortillas

Collards make giant leafy greens. Sizable enough that you could put a few together and make a nice summer fan if the leaves didn’t wilt so fast. A couple of summers ago I planted collards and discovered that their large leaves make the most perfect substitutes for tortillas. Yes it is true, tortillas grow not on trees but on short little bushes. Now that spring is here once again these lovelies spring from the dirt.

Not quite ready for prime time.

The ones from my garden are not quite ready for prime time.


The ones from the store are washed and ready to go (into my mouth).


The apples are for size comparison. Now I’m realizing they are also make nice elephant eyes.


Add 3 tablespoons of water. Cover with a lid. Saute 2 minutes. You won’t believe how simple and tasty.


This one is filled with spiced tomato rice and lentils, golden beets, purple onion and avocado.

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