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Frida Kahlo’s Beautiful Poetry



Rex Features

Truth is, so great, that I wouldn’t like to speak,
or sleep, or listen, or love.
To feel myself trapped, with no fear of blood,
outside time and magic, within your own fear,
and your great anguish,
and within the very beating of your heart.
All this madness, if I asked it of you, I know, in your silence,
there would be only confusion.
I ask you for violence, in the nonsense, and you,
you give me grace, your light and your warmth.
I’d like to paint you, but there are no colors,
because there are so many, in my confusion,
the tangible form of my great love.

Paris Love Letter


Arms raise over head

The heart quickens

Heat fills inner and outer ventricles

The breath softens

Opening the heart

The seat of the soul

Into a vast space of peace

It is a different kind of surrender

The willing surrender of loving kindness

Honor and respect

The kind of surrender that generates power from within

To overcome the apocalyptic’s addiction to annihilation



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