These are the three words that that I use to describe the results that people see when they experience working with The Unwinding Compass.
I spent over 20 years teaching health and wellness, including my times as the entrepreneur of a ranch retreat and creative outpost near Dallas, Texas in the early 2000s. 
 As a personal coach and speaker, I draw on my experience as a Maya archaeologist, a hospitality entrepreneur, an Ayurvedic chef, and two decades teaching yoga, meditation, and Dynamic Breathwork. I have worked with clients in a range of fields including healthcare workers, psychologists, military personnel, creatives, chronic over-thinkers, and patients in the healing stage of their wellness journey.
I am the founder of Dynamic Unwinding, a mindfulness and movement method to help you find more calm and clarity in your day-to-day moments. 

If you are:

*Struggling with fatigue and want more energy
*Trying to figure out how to have more free time to enjoy your life
*Working with a cluttered and overwhelmed mind
*Wanting to learn how to choose the way you want to feel

Let’s Talk about how I can help you today.

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On this call, I will help you get clear on what’s been cluttering your mind, what matters most to you, and how you want to feel today, tomorrow, and six months from now.

The Unwinding Compass has helped people:

*Have an easy to remember way to get clear and present
*Learn to use your mind intentionally to stay present
*To have a way to anchor calm and peace
*To learn to lead the mind instead of you mind leading you