These are the three words that that I use to describe the results that people see when they experience working with The Unwinding Compass.

I spent over 20 years teaching health and wellness, including my times as the entrepreneur of a ranch retreat and creative outpost near Dallas, Texas in the early 2000s. 

 As a personal coach and speaker, I draw on my experience as a Maya archaeologist, a hospitality entrepreneur, an Ayurvedic chef, and two decades teaching yoga, meditation, and Dynamic Breathwork. I have worked with clients in a range of fields including healthcare workers, psychologists, military personnel, creatives, chronic over-thinkers, and patients in the healing stage of their wellness journey.

I am the founder of Dynamic Unwinding, a mindfulness and movement method to help you find more calm and clarity in your day-to-day moments. 

If you are:

*Struggling with fatigue and want more energy

*Can’t find enough free time to enjoy your life

*Have an unhealthy habit that you can’t quite seem to break and need a new perspective

*Bombarded with thoughts, especially at bedtime and it’s affecting your sleep

*Want to release old anger and replace it with a sense of joy


The Unwinding Compass has helped people:

*Have an easy to remember way to get clear and present

*Learn to use your mind intentionally to stay present

*To have a way to anchor calm and peace

*To learn to lead the mind instead of you mind leading you

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