Notice your breath.

Walk and move.

Eat with the seasons.

Spend time in nature.

I had been in physical pain for a few days. I reached for the phone and called Jane. I knew the power of her Dynamic Breathwork as the gentle but powerful ticket to help me.” Lisa Arie, Co-Founder, Vista Caballo

Pop up Dynamic Breathwork classes in August

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DYNAMIC BREATHWORK is an ancient breathing technique a specific that overrides the part of the brain that causes constant fear and worry (amygdala hijack). As the breath oxygenates the blood, the hypothalamus releases endorphins, and other beneficial hormones, which send a sense of safety and calm through the nervous system. The heart rate slows, and the nervous system eases, causing the mind to slow down and become more receptive and clear. 


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WALKING & YOGA Jane’s movement is developed from decades of yoga teaching and practice and a lifetime of scoliosis and pelvic pain. Classes combine the ease of restorative yoga with the strength and core building with specific alignment, paying close attention to alignment and with a granular focus on the breath.

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JANE is a gifted teacher and author with over 20 years of experience teaching yoga, pranayama, Ayurvedic cooking, and other healing practices. She began her career as an archaeologist in Belize discovering the culture of the ancient Maya. At the age of twenty-eight Jane’s life took a sharp turn when she was diagnosed with cancer. She learned then not to take good health for granted. She strengthened and healed with an Ayurvedic doctor and began to practice the Ayurvedic adage that often the simplest lifestyle changes yield the greatest results. Jane combines personal experience with the wisdom of many ancient healing traditions to guide clients to adapt in positive and transformative ways.

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