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Warm Heirloom Beetroot Salad – Mmm!

Beets are the perfect food for this time of year.  They are a comforting root vegetable that helps your body and nerves settle in for the oncoming cold weather.  Beets also help clear the bile from your liver. Look for heirloom variety beets in your local produce or farmer’s markets for added color and taste. Add an apple to the mix as apples take the sludge-like bile that the beets have extracted and push it on out the door.  The beet-apple combo is a great one-two punch to help your body stay clean and disease-free.  The recipe below can be made as a vegan salad (no meat or dairy), vegetarian (add goat cheese), or full-on carnivore (add turkey or pork bacon).

Heirloom beets are full of surprises! <3

Heirloom beets are full of surprises! ❤


2 cups roasted beets*

½ cup canned canelli beans

½ avocado cut into cubes

½ cup croutons

¼ cup pistachios

½ cup grated or shredded raw apple (honey crisp, golden opal, or granny smith are best)

2-3 cups lettuce and greens mix (butter lettuce, romaine, baby kale, spinach)

Toss with vinaigrette of choice

Salt & Pepper to taste

Non veg additions: goat cheese crumbles or turkey or pork bacon crumbles

*To roast the beets set oven to 400˚F. Peel beets and cut them into ½” thick cubes. Add 2-3 Tablespoons of olive oil and mix all around. Spread out your beets on a foil-lined cookie sheet and bake 20-30 minutes until their earthy sweet smell is emanating from your oven. Toss them with the greens that have been washed and dried. The heat of the beets will soften the salad leaves and bring the whole salad together.

I like to mix all of the ingredients except the salad leaves together with the dressing so that the whole vegetable mixture sort of becomes the dressing. In this case I would mix everything together but the beets and then add the warm beets and greens to the rest of the salad mixture.

Serve with warm bread and butter or olive oil.


What To Eat Now: Golden Spring Salad

In honor of spring I created a salad last night that I can’t stop eating.  It’s gold and white, pink and purple and of course green.

Golden Spring Salad

Golden Spring Salad

The gold comes from these sweet little golden mini tomatoes and also from an apple I’d never before heard of called an Opal Golden apple.  The produce guy offered me a slice in the store.  This apple is sweet like a Honey Crisp but has the texture more of a pear.  When I took a bite I imagined this delicious fruit sharing a plate with crispy savory vegetables like parsley and celery.  I could not resist the Easter egg radishes nearby in the produce case – their various hues of purple and magenta fit perfectly into my spring theme.

Opal apples are a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Topaz.

Opal apples are a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Topaz.

Golden baby tomatoes So tiny. So sweet.

Golden baby tomatoes
So tiny. So sweet.

Easter egg radishes.  LOVE these colors!

Easter egg radishes.
LOVE these colors!

Cauliflower chopped up fine looks like feta cheese and gives an illusion of dairy naughtiness that really isn’t there.  I topped this magnificent salad off with pecans because there’s something very healthy about putting nuts with greens.  The celebratory nature of the spring season inspired me to go big with the indulgence of the pecan – the fruit of our state tree here in Texas.

After mixing all of these wonderful ingredients together it was time for the dressing.  I needed something simple, nothing that would detract from the font of flavors in my bowl.  For the dressing: yogurt, fresh Meyer lemon, and Udo’s oil, salt and fresh pepper was all I needed.

Salad dressing triumverate: Udo's oil, Bulgarian yogurt, lemon.

Salad dressing triumverate: Udo’s oil, Bulgarian yogurt, lemon.

Then, at the very end, when all the flavors had been mixed and melded together with the dressing I added handfuls of baby kale.

Side note: if I’d had more fresh herbs – fennel, oregano, basil, tarragon – I would have added them all.  In this salad the flat leaf parsley carried the weight of the herbal flavor and did a fine job.


(add amounts to your liking)

Tiny golden sweet tomatoes – cut in half

Celery stalks – sliced

Opal golden apple – chopped

Easter egg radishes – sliced thin

Cauliflower – chopped fine

Flat leaf parsley – chopped fine

Pecans – broken into bits

Udo’s oil – trickle a few Tablespoons around above mixture

Yogurt – drizzle a little more than the oil

Lemon – squeeze juice of one lemon over the top

Salt and pepper

Mix above ingredients well

Baby Kale – add a couple handfuls of baby kale and blend.


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