Haunted by Galapaghosts

At sea in Galapagos

At sea in Galapagos


Laid bare

Like a woman desnuda

Painted by all the famous men

Matisse      Picasso     Degas

Contemporaries of Darwin

Discovering, uncovering

Chasing curiosity to the brink of madness

Lava floes, salt water, crustaceans and those little specialized finches

These are like bread not things which man can live alone

Not things which soothe the restless soul

Mother, you are creator of all the inhabitants of this land

Your violent explosions birth soft black earth

Placenta moving to the sea

Oh Mother! Your fertile nakedness births every island

Transforms and adapts every creature

Lest death make him a mockery

And like the poets and painters before me my words

Cannot form sentences so sublime as the curiosity

That your being ignites in my soul