Jane Arie Baldwin

Personal Tools and Techniques for Unwinding

Month: June, 2013

How to Be a Lightening Bug

My father was a great minister. … One time he had all of us together — children and everything. It was night, and he was giving us lessons. There was a lightning bug flying, and he reached and he grabbed one. … He held it in his hand and he said, ‘What is this lightning bug doing?’ I said, ‘Well it’s making a light.’ And he put it in his jacket and he says, ‘That’s right. It cannot contain its light. It must make that light. And so you do the same thing in life. … You better always pursue the best, look for the best in others, and do your best.’    —- John White, Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist

My Trip Down the Birth Canal


I don’t remember birth but I imagine the placenta breaking away from the walls of my small apartment inside my mother’s womb and gravity dragging me down a long dark tunnel toward the light.  I’m sure I resisted a bit because I love the feeling of soaking in a warm tub in a small bathroom and I love SCUBA diving in deep water, with only the sound of my breathing in a sea of infinite blueness.  All that ends when the tub turns tepid or the tank runs out of oxygen.  Serenity passes like a phantom with the very first gasp of breath.

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