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Month: November, 2015

How to Find More Hidden Joy This Season

  1. Be a part of nature.
  2. Breathe to the depths of your body.
  3. Find gratitude for family.


I spent Thanksgiving this year at the beach. Oh how I have missed the smell of the ocean, the cries of tropical birds in the bay, the sound of waves roaring from a couple of miles away.

Jimmy and I braved the high winds and chilly rains to steal a few moments on the beach in between thunderstorms. I realized the moment I stepped out of the jeep that nature amidst a storm offers both calm and the anticipation of more dramatic weather.

Dark clouds loomed. The high tide hid the sandy beach under a foot of water. A strong wind sent spray through the air with the turn of each wave. We walked along the edge of the sand dunes holding hands and breathing in the salt air down to our toes.

At one time in my life a day like today would have been a metaphor for the family drama taking place back at the house but no more. Time has aged and mellowed us all into a reverent gratitude for each other and our time together.

Paris Love Letter


Arms raise over head

The heart quickens

Heat fills inner and outer ventricles

The breath softens

Opening the heart

The seat of the soul

Into a vast space of peace

It is a different kind of surrender

The willing surrender of loving kindness

Honor and respect

The kind of surrender that generates power from within

To overcome the apocalyptic’s addiction to annihilation



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